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Our goal at Multisport Fitness is to create the best possible environment for you to succeed. In order to achieve the best results with your health and fitness we believe in taking a holistic approach whilst building into your training a lifestyle balance that is realistic and sustainable. We are not into short term approaches.

Without the need for expensive gym memberships and personal training costs on top of the membership we offer a unique environment that is comfortable and personal where you can train and not be conscious about others or have to wait around in the queue for equipment.

Where possible we will use data to ensure all parties are accountable for the results and will work with you along your journey to being the best version of yourself. For the more competitive, we use a range of online tools to capture data and then map that back to fitness principals in order to get you doing the right thing at the right time to gain performance improvements.

Each client gets highly specific and personalised programs and/or sessions that are structured to enable you to succeed. Whether you are a novice just wanting to lose a little weight and tone up or a competitive athlete who has some very specific goals in mind we have experience trainers who have expertise in these areas and more.

At Multisport fitness we don't just train locals we train many people online even as far away as London in the UK. These days its really quite easy, especially when the data collection is so prevalent now in the IoT. Hooking up on Skype or WhatsApp check ins, working with different time zones and using online tools to capture and see progress is nothing new to us.

Prices start at $105 for our basic weekly subscription.

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